Lucrative Jobs in Travel and Leisure Industry

After leaving college, we all when we were young, wanted to expand our wings. After spending years at academies and universities for education, we hope that work broadens our horizons and gives us a more comprehensive outlook on life. The travel and holiday industry provides the right prospects to fulfill our wishes.

Although the travel and recreation industry, like all other economic sectors, has been hit by the recession, this shows signs of recovery. This industry needs love to travel, creativity, excellent communication skills and the ability to understand their people and needs. The benefit of working in this industry is a profitable salary structure based on performance, broad appeal and a more creative and satisfying life. So if you want a career in this green sector, some career opportunities along with their requirements are listed below.

Tour Operations and Escorting Executives – In this position you are responsible for accompanying a group of tourists and ensuring that they have a satisfying experience during all points of their tour including travel, stay and during a visit to the actual destination. You must have the desire to travel, a good personality, the ability to handle and escort the good and strong nerves to deal with difficult and unpredictable soil conditions efficiently. Although some institutes provide special courses for this course, often companies that want to recruit tour operators do not seek specific degrees. But previous experience in a similar position was highly valued.

Travel Writer – In this work you are asked to write interestingly and correctly for newspapers, travel magazines, travel guides and travel websites. Because most of the time you write about goals that have been explored and described well, you are expected to give them a new approach along with interesting anecdotes. Because writing a trip involves several heavy trips, it is well organized and the ability to meet tight deadlines under the desired pressure. You can work as a freelance or under contract. This is a very competitive job so you may need to have basic training in writing and traveling. Some large organizations while hiring in this position may determine degree qualifications in communication, journalism or English as a basic requirement for the job.

Flight officer – Here you work for airlines as a member of an airline to ensure passenger safety and comfort during flights. You are also required to periodically check the cabin, especially during night flights to check passengers, and listen to sounds or unusual situations. To get this very tempting job you must undergo compulsory training by an airline for a period of six weeks to six months depending on the airline and the country of operation. Personality and pleasant knowledge about additional languages ​​also help. Some airlines also have high and heavy requirements.

Fitness trainers – As a fitness trainer, you are employed by fitness trainers and health clubs to demonstrate various exercises to clients and help improve their regulatory techniques. You are also required to motivate and keep records of the client’s training regime. As far as qualifications are needed you must complete your school and have to undergo a certification program.

The Hotel Senior Staff – whether it is a bar manager, maitre’d or general manager of the entire hotel, more and more Westerners are interested in the role of work in hotels in places like China and Jamaica! This role usually involves the same tasks as in England or the US, but the environment is usually completely different!

Travel and the Economy in 2008

In 2007, the real estate market shifted to support home buyers. Gas prices rise and the value of the US dollar falls, but the number of American travelers planning holidays in 2008 remains strong.

According to an article: Travel Trends: What’s Hot in 2008 by Beth Harpaz in the December 17, 2007 edition of USA Today “the Conference Council’s latest consumer survey found 45.8 percent of Americans intend to vacation in six months.”

Authorities throughout the travel industry seem to believe tourists in 2008 want to be practical, but still enjoy facilities that make holidays simpler and more relaxed.

“In 2008, experts said, Americans could travel shorter or choose destinations closer to home where their dollars are further away,” continued Harpaz.

Family Comes First: Family Travel in the Resurrection

In our fast-paced American culture, two income households, sixty hours of work a week, fast food and cell phones have become the norm – all to make life more comfortable. However, the modern conveniences of our daily lives now seem to require a lot of personal attention and energy. In response to the stresses of modern life have developed over the last century, Americans are now returning to their roots. The importance of time with family and healthy quality of life increases on the priority list.

Luxury travel industry expert Karen Weiner Escalera and his Florida-based travel marketing firm, KWE Group, are very confident that family travel is on the rise for 2008. In one of Escalera’s latest articles on Travel Industry Wire, Ten Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Trends for the year 2008, trend number two is “Relationships with family and friends are the center of attention.” According to Escalera, “Accelerating since 9/11 and driven by counterattacks against the contemporary world dominated by 24 hour work and inhuman technology schedules, family travel develops at a faster rate than all other leisure travel sectors.”

A recent survey of American Express travel agents also revealed a significant increase in luxury travel among families – 82 percent wanted upscale hotels with children’s programs and 56 percent traveled with child caregivers.

“Parents, grandparents and friends want to travel as a way to reunite, and to celebrate life’s important events. Business trips with the whole family will become commonplace as couples, while high-end business hotels and resorts will red carpet launched for families with special suites and villas, “added Escalera.

Rental Concierge Condo and Timeshares versus Second House Purchases

Modern travelers believe that there is no reason why home comforts are not available while on vacation. Holiday planning is greatly enhanced when you consider a concierge condominium rental or timeshare option. Many families especially appreciate the opportunity to save time and money when cooking in a private kitchen or receiving travel information and discounts from personal travel officers. This kind of facility allows tourists to spend more relaxed time and less time, map and make decisions about travel plans. Timeshare can offer the benefits of having a second home for vacation, without headaches during maintenance and costs throughout the year.

Recently, Howard C. Nusbaum, President of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) told of his experience at the Travel Marketing Marketing Forum (TIA) Forum on Marketing View, an annual conference of travel and tourism professionals that highlights future industry trends. He explained how Peter Yesawich, Ph.D., CEO Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown and Russell, explained during the forum that the latest Travel Monitor study completed by his company detailed a large number of tourists interested in condos rather than traditional hotels.

The study of travel monitors also shows an increase in the number of tourists interested in holiday ownership products such as private residence clubs and timeshare. The impressive data from the survey (Yesawich) adds to rumors that timeshares are no longer niche products, but are more of a diverse travel industry today.

In 2008, special products for holiday ownership will provide stiff competition for second home sellers because individuals, groups, and families traveling choose comfort and practical luxury while on vacation.

Travel and Leisure – The Best Combination

There is no better way to spend your free time than traveling, for those who are bitten by travel bugs. If you don’t remember the meaning of the word “free time,” it means “free” as in the free of domestic duties and “free” of all the disturbing things called work that many of us have, even if we are “free” for just one or two days.

Comfort and travel are two words that match one another. It’s like they are made for each other. One rarely goes anywhere without the other. Traveling for fun should be relaxed. A week of vacation jam packed with two-week activities usually requires a vacation to recover from a vacation. If you plan your schedule well, your free time and travel time will spend time well and you will get maximum enjoyment from your free time.

Travel allows us to experience other worlds and cultures as well as various activities and activities that normally do not occur in our own personal environment. Comfort and travel give us different views and perspectives and expand life lessons that enrich our lives. It also gives us a better appreciation of what we have.

How do you plan your leisure and travel time? First, decide what you really want to do and the places you want to visit. Your list will most likely change as your travel experience increases so don’t be afraid to change it when the mood strikes. A visit to the desired destination might trigger the idea of ​​visiting another place or it might serve to prevent a visit to a place on your list. Remember to be realistic with your wish list. It’s always good to dream but if you dream big all the time you might find everything you have time to do is a dream. Destinations and activities do not have to be far from the world. This can be something in your home country, your home city or even your own environment.

Once your list is there, determine how much time you need for your vacation and travel. Or you can decide which goals you want and decide how much time you need to realize that journey. Be realistic with your rest time. You don’t want to spend all your vacation time at once and nothing is left for the rest of your life. When planning your vacation and trip, don’t set your time on a micro basis but don’t let your schedule be wide open if you want to include certain activities in your plan. The main goal is to see and do these things on your list.

Sometimes leisure and travel require a passport and maybe a visa. Allow enough time to process these two things. Maybe look for requirements and time frames for each other and have an idea of ​​what is involved – just in case you get the urge to travel abroad. Depending on your goals, exotic plans may have to include shots or some type of medical permit. It’s better to do your homework long before and get ready instead of stopping at the border with just a note from mom.