Travel and Leisure Book Review – Palm Springs Life – Sun, Fun, Stay, Play

Bored with the weather in the North? Well, you’re not alone, because every year 100 thousands of people come to Palm Springs CA and the surrounding area to get out of cold weather, snow, snow storms, ice storms and heavy rain. Why do they call it Palm Springs? And why do people choose this desert paradise for more than 50 years now?

Let’s see, it will take me thousands of words and 100 pages to explain everything, but maybe it would be better if you go and pick up a picture book from Palm Springs, CA and neighboring desert cities like Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells and La Quinta. Let me recommend the perfect book for you, which also makes a beautiful coffee table section for your living room:

“Palm Springs Life – 2007-2008 Edition” was printed together with California Prestige Magazine and Palm Springs Hilton Resort. Edited by Milton W. Jones – copyright 2007.

This volume of page 380 has gorgeous pictorials on almost every page, by suggesting to the best restaurants, spas, golf courses and attractions. You will be amazed that there are so many things to do and see. Whether you are looking for a vacation home, snow bird rental or just a few weeks in the desert paradise, this is a book that will bring everything to life.

All museums, art galleries and world-renowned shopping districts are listed with maps, advice and specializations described. One thing happened to me, when I took my last copy, this year’s edition; “What if every tourist destination has a book like this?” Now, with all the trips I have made, my shelf will be full and I will be a happy person.