Lucrative Jobs in Travel and Leisure Industry

After leaving college, we all when we were young, wanted to expand our wings. After spending years at academies and universities for education, we hope that work broadens our horizons and gives us a more comprehensive outlook on life. The travel and holiday industry provides the right prospects to fulfill our wishes.

Although the travel and recreation industry, like all other economic sectors, has been hit by the recession, this shows signs of recovery. This industry needs love to travel, creativity, excellent communication skills and the ability to understand their people and needs. The benefit of working in this industry is a profitable salary structure based on performance, broad appeal and a more creative and satisfying life. So if you want a career in this green sector, some career opportunities along with their requirements are listed below.

Tour Operations and Escorting Executives – In this position you are responsible for accompanying a group of tourists and ensuring that they have a satisfying experience during all points of their tour including travel, stay and during a visit to the actual destination. You must have the desire to travel, a good personality, the ability to handle and escort the good and strong nerves to deal with difficult and unpredictable soil conditions efficiently. Although some institutes provide special courses for this course, often companies that want to recruit tour operators do not seek specific degrees. But previous experience in a similar position was highly valued.

Travel Writer – In this work you are asked to write interestingly and correctly for newspapers, travel magazines, travel guides and travel websites. Because most of the time you write about goals that have been explored and described well, you are expected to give them a new approach along with interesting anecdotes. Because writing a trip involves several heavy trips, it is well organized and the ability to meet tight deadlines under the desired pressure. You can work as a freelance or under contract. This is a very competitive job so you may need to have basic training in writing and traveling. Some large organizations while hiring in this position may determine degree qualifications in communication, journalism or English as a basic requirement for the job.

Flight officer – Here you work for airlines as a member of an airline to ensure passenger safety and comfort during flights. You are also required to periodically check the cabin, especially during night flights to check passengers, and listen to sounds or unusual situations. To get this very tempting job you must undergo compulsory training by an airline for a period of six weeks to six months depending on the airline and the country of operation. Personality and pleasant knowledge about additional languages ‚Äč‚Äčalso help. Some airlines also have high and heavy requirements.

Fitness trainers – As a fitness trainer, you are employed by fitness trainers and health clubs to demonstrate various exercises to clients and help improve their regulatory techniques. You are also required to motivate and keep records of the client’s training regime. As far as qualifications are needed you must complete your school and have to undergo a certification program.

The Hotel Senior Staff – whether it is a bar manager, maitre’d or general manager of the entire hotel, more and more Westerners are interested in the role of work in hotels in places like China and Jamaica! This role usually involves the same tasks as in England or the US, but the environment is usually completely different!

Travel and Leisure Industry Jobs

Humans have a curious nature. There is a desire embedded in him to find new things. Over the centuries this search has driven many human endeavors and he has achieved many things in his quest that has taken him to unexplored regions of the earth, and even to other planets. This has been an exciting journey and the best parts are likely to still come.

So it will come to us as no surprise that the travel and holiday industry earned more than one trillion US dollars last year. Yes, this is a big industry and encourages people to connect with people. Therefore this industry provides jobs to a large number of people throughout the world.

The travel and holiday industry has various job opportunities available. You can work as an initial level employee for senior management and educate your career in a number of fields such as fitness, sports, spa, entertainment, recreation – activities and careers in tourism, travel, catering and hospitality.

The travel and recreation sector is a sector where almost every competitor offers similar and more or less the same product. What distinguishes them is the quality of service and customer support. Human resources are naturally highly valued in this industry.

So if you dream of a career in a sector that has this good income, certain qualities are expected of you. For beginners, good communication skills are a must. Knowledge of internet work is also important because travel and holiday products are one of the most widely traded products online. Then general knowledge about the industry such as knowledge of fares from travel destinations, agents and hotels is also expected. Above all, you must have a general interest in your own journey to enjoy your work.

If you have the right skills, a large number of job opportunities await you in this very profitable sector. You can work as a tour operator. They combine travel and tour components to create holidays. Usually tour operators operate in certain locations. Now a large number of websites provide online tour services.

If you are interested in the airline travel industry, you can work as a pilot, flight crew member or ground staff. Because international travel is becoming increasingly common, this highly competitive industry provides good job opportunities.

If you are interested in the holiday sector, also, various job opportunities await you. For example if you are a yoga expert, you can become a yoga instructor. You can also try your skills at event management.

The end travel and holiday industry faces an unprecedented challenge that has seen a decline in the industry’s growth rate. After the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, there was widespread panic. Then there is the threat of SARS which further weakens this sector. Now the world is suffering from another epidemic, swine flu that has made people stay at home rather than enjoying their holidays in several tourist attractions.

Dynamic Packaging for Travel and Hospitality Industry

The Dynamic Packaging concept is to combine all components chosen by potential travelers and make a reservation. Regardless of where supplies originate, the package created is handled smoothly as a transaction, and requires only one payment from the customer.

For travelers, there is nothing better than a one stop shop for their travel needs. The Dynamic Packaging Engine uses inventory components and travel prices. Regardless of where supplies originate, the package created is handled smoothly as a transaction, and requires only one payment from the customer. This automatically applies the rules set by tour suppliers and marketers to build and set travel package prices. This package configuration process determines which components are used, what combinations of components are permitted or needed, and handles inclusions such as taxes, fees or additional package features. The rules also determine how the final retail price is calculated.


Typical dynamic packaging applications will require the following capabilities:

1. Search and Availability

2. Membership

3. Shopping Cart

4. Booking and Ordering

5. Payment

6. Cancellation


A traveler is always looking for a goal. Even though he may be aware of where he should go, he will find the most appropriate place to stay and enjoy his visit. The search starts with the Transportation and Travel component, the Hotel Property, the Comfort Component. The search must be divided geographically to include neighboring goals and objectives that meet the search criteria. Examples of searches can travel to New York City, stay in Stamford, Connecticut, Golf in northern New York. Obviously Dynamic Packaging machines need to know the travel dates, to and from destinations, the nearest airport to the hotel, rental cars or other desired land transportation from the selected airport to the hotel and access to tee time on the adjacent golf course. Like travelers, businesses also search for travel related information.

Travel Agents, Call Centers and Meeting Planners need package information on behalf of their clients. Such searches are full of rules and complexity. In addition, customers must have choices that can vary from comfort to price and everything in between.

1. Distance: Search uses parameters that can narrow down possibilities but offer expanded possibilities. In our search example, Westchester Airport is the best choice. La Guardia Airport will be the ideal choice. JFK and Newark and Teterboro are the next choice from a distance to the Hotel’s point of view.

2. Rates and Rates: Travelers will look for the best price. In our example even though Westchester is close to the hotel, offers limited flights and may not be the best rate. Some rates may be very attractive, but when it comes to flexibility and cancellation they are not the best. Flexibility of changes, penalties related to changes and cancellations are important factors to be included in the search results.

3. Travel Time: That is another important factor for business travelers. How many flights are there to the airport and at what intervals. Check-in time and total travel time also help in making choices. Therefore, flights that are not connected and connected to the transit time need to be determined in the search.

4. Accessibility: Another key factor that is often overlooked is accessibility. Physically disabled travelers, people who need food on a flight, wheelchair access, and quick access to rental cars or trains or land transportation play a very important role in the journey. Do hotels have wheelchair access? Is it possible to get land transportation to a destined hotel that has wheelchair access?

5. Facilities: Does the hotel offer standard facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools, health salons, spas, fax and printing, broadband internet access, etc.? Likewise rental cars come with GPS, insurance, travel between countries? Does the Golf Course only allow basket access? Are ski rentals available near the resort? The inclusion of facilities in search results ensures travelers are not in shock in the first round of travel.

6. Prepackaged: You want to travel, stay in a semi-luxury hotel, play golf, why look for each individually. A pre-packaged deal will also be more interesting than adjusting the trip. Maybe it’s cheaper.

The journey must be far from hostility. After all home away from home. Home is an important source for life and entertainment. One uses the house and the surrounding environment to make the best for life. Travel destinations and travel modes must not be hostile and friendly as is possible. A dynamic package must offer many choices for travelers but don’t overwhelm travelers with so much information that makes them nervous at the end of making a travel plan.


From the description above one can determine who is the clear actor in this case.

1. Travelers

2. GDS (Distribution of Airline and Hotel Rates)

3. Airlines

4. Car Rental Company

5. Central Reservation of Hotels

6. Tour Operators (Bus, Land Transportation)

7. Exclusive aggregators (like Golf, Skiing, etc.)


Dynamic packaging must be able to expand services for business-to-business operations. Which would imply that our actor is now?

8. Travel Agents and Meeting Planners

9. Call Center Agent.


Key items in dynamic packaging are Shopping Cart. Search results can be selected and added as line items in the shopping basket. This bundles all components selected by tourists to make a reservation. This shopping cart-based holiday builder allows comparison of shopping packages that can include airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, insurance, attraction tickets, and other features. Regardless of where supplies originate, the package created is handled smoothly as a transaction, and requires only one payment from the customer. This automatically applies the rules set by tour suppliers and marketers to build and set travel package prices. This package configuration process determines which components are used, what combinations of components are permitted or needed, and handles inclusions such as taxes, fees or additional package features.